Oz Tattoo- Oz Tattoo is your local connection for tattoos and body piercings. Owned by Dave Sardegna and Jodi Wendt, Harlan, IA.Phone: 712-733-9696.
Iowa law will not permit minors to be tattooed, even
with parental consent. You must be 18 years old.
We take health and safety very seriously. You can rest assured that you will receive your tattoo in
a clean, safe, and comfortable environment at Oz. Please visit our Aftercare & FAQ's page for
more information regarding health and safety.

--We encourage our clients to become educated, and will make sure that they understand the
risks associated with any procedure available at Oz Tattoo--
We are located at:
1111 7TH ST, HARLAN, IA.
(Across from Cinema 4 Theatre)
Oz is closed Sundays &
Tue-Fri: 4:00-9pm
Sat: 1pm-9pm
Hours subject to change. Call for
We appreciate your business.
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Oz Tattoo is your
local connection for
tattoos and body
piercings, including
microdermal. We at Oz
know what it takes to
run a good business.
We strive towards high
standards in
cleanliness, customer
care, and overall quality
in all that we do.
located in
Woodbine, IA
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We believe that educating the customer is one of the most important things we can do to help
spread awareness, rather than disease. We know that all tattoo shops are not created "equal", and
that's why we stand out amongst the rest. We have survived over the last 5 years because of our
solid reputation for good service, good work, and a friendly attitude. Ask around, or just stop in
and see for yourself.
*Oz may be closed during adverse weather.*
call first- mostly by
appointment only.